3 Native American Heritage Month Marketing Campaign Ideas

Marketing Campaign Ideas For Native American Heritage Month

November marks the beginning of Native American Heritage Month. Before we dive into our recommended marketing efforts, we would like to make a land acknowledgement. According to Native Land Digital, The Postcard Agency operates on land from Coahuiltecan, Lipan Apache, Jumanos and Tonkawa territories. It’s important to acknowledge our indigenous history as well as pay tribute to those communities all year round. In honor of Native American Heritage Month, we put together a list of marketing campaign ideas for businesses and nonprofits like yours to help support Native American communities.

Making a difference can be as simple as launching a meaningful Native American Heritage Month marketing campaign that shares educational resources with your audiences. At The Postcard Agency, we believe diversity matters across all groups and should be celebrated throughout  the entire year. Continue reading to get started.

Support Native American Communities with these Marketing Campaign Ideas

  • Highlight businesses or organizations in your community via social media
      1. Where you do business matters. Your community should always be a part of your campaign, even if they are not your primary target audience. By highlighting Indigenous-owned businesses or organizations in your community, you are contributing to amplifying and supporting Native American communities. 
      2. Put a list together of your favorite Indigenous-owned businesses in your area on your blog, and create a social campaign that links back to the blog post on your website. Make sure to tag the businesses and business owners on social media!
  • Feature Native American thought leaders in your industry and amplify their work
      1. Knowledge is power. There are plenty of thought leaders from Native American communities. Do your research, listen, and learn from these leaders. Then share their work on your platforms (and give them credit!). By amplifying their work, you’ll provide your audiences with a new perspective, all while elevating and promoting thought leaders in your niche who are a part of the community.
      2. Invite an Indigenous business owner or entrepreneur to your podcast. Give them a seat at the table and an opportunity to share their story with new audiences.
  • Pay tribute to Native American leaders throughout history 
    1. Put together a list of Native American Heroes your business or organization honors and respects. Feature new heroes every year, and make sure the featured icons are diverse, representing different Native American communities. 

Listen, Learn & Support Native American Communities 

Support Native American Communities with these Marketing Campaign Ideas

  • Do your research: Find out the history of the land and related treaties from where you do business and for your surrounding community. Focus on the positive aspect of empowering Indigenous communities today, not just mentioning them in past tense.
  • Don’t sugarcoat the past: It’s okay to use terms like genocide or stolen land when describing events or landmarks in your area as these words reflect history. 
  • Support Native American Communities: It’s important to learn and listen. It’s also important to take it one step further and support organizations that help Native American communities throughout the U.S. Here are a few to consider: 
    1. National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center: A non-profit dedicated to restoring sovereignty and ending violence against Native women and children.
    2. American Indian College Fund: Provides financial support for Native American students and tribal colleges and universities, helping institutional growth and cultural preservation among Native communities.
    3. American Indigenous Business Leaders (AIBL): The only American Indigenous non-profit organization solely dedicated to empowering business students in the United States.

To learn more about Native American Heritage Month, visit Nativeamericanheritagemonth.gov.

Launch a Native American Heritage Month Marketing Campaign of Your Own

Native American Heritage Month Marketing Campaign

Diversity and representation matter. We hope our Native American Heritage Month marketing campaign ideas help you amplify meaningful stories from Native American and Indigenous people.

Need help getting started on your campaign? We’re happy to help. Visit our package page to learn how we can help you launch impactful marketing campaigns that touch people’s hearts and minds. 

And remember: You can drive positive change beyond November. We should uplift all communities 365 days a year.

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