To AI, or not to AI…3 AI Tools for Marketing Your Business

Our clients have asked us about AI tools for marketing like ChatGPT and how they might impact the way we work. Read on to learn how we’re using AI to work smarter, and how you can do the same for your organization or business.

By Mia Matos, Postcard Intern

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, is the unique ability to think as if it has a human mind. The purpose of AI systems is to perform tasks associated with the human mind, like interpreting speech. AI comes in many forms, including chat boxes, speech recognition, and the autocorrect function on smartphones. There are some things, like self-driving cars or online advertisements, that might not seem like AI, but, in fact, do fall into the field of AI capabilities. 

AI can be a great tool, but it does come with risks. AI has become increasingly popular in different industries, and its implementation may be putting people’s jobs at risk. AI has been used to perform tasks typically done by humans, which means that as the systems become more intelligent, their abilities will likely increase, and they could take over people’s jobs. Moreover, AI systems are also often based on a set of common algorithms, which can lead to repetitive content, especially when used in the writing or marketing industries. 

3 AI Tools for Marketing Your Business.

While using AI programs does come with risks, there are benefits as well. When used properly, it can help business owners develop marketing materials that save them time and money. Continue reading to discover AI tools you can use to market your business in an authentic manner. 

1. Review your marketing content for spelling and grammar errors in real-time 

One of the biggest benefits that come with using AI is its usefulness in reviewing your marketing content, like social media posts and emails, for spelling and grammar errors. For example, sites like Grammarly use AI to correct spelling and grammar errors across different platforms. With the increase in popularity of AI tools, the platform has recently introduced a more extensive version that allows people to input a prompt and receive a draft in return, as software like ChaptGPT do now. The new version will also allow users to personalize the generated text so that it’s in their preferred written tone. 

2. Easily add animated subtitles to social media videos

Another way AI can be useful for marketing your business is its ability to instantly add animated subtitles to social media videos. Apps like Captions automatically transcribe and caption videos that include talking subjects. Once you record your video, the app uses AI to transcribe your talking so that it appears as captions on your video, which is proven to generate more engagement across social platforms. You can also change the style and color of the captions to incorporate your brand elements. 

3. Support user journeys on your website with chatbots

AI can also streamline customer experiences through chatbots. Chatbots are virtual assistants that users can converse with to help them resolve an issue or find out information about your company.

It’s especially convenient for people who may not have the ability to call and speak with a person during working hours, as they are often available online 24/7. 

How will you use AI Tools to Market Your Business?

While AI can be a great tool, it’s important to keep in mind the dangers that can come with using the software. While it mimics the cognitive functions of a living person, it’s still just a machine, and nothing is truly as great as the real human mind. 

While The Postcard Agency understands the value of artificial intelligence, we want to note that we pride ourselves on our dedication to creating original content from scratch. This makes us different from other agencies and allows us to create content that’s unique to each individual client brand and their target audience.