LGBT Marketing Campaigns: 4 Questions To Help You Succeed

We celebrate Pride Month in June. Why? The Stonewall Riots, in which police arrested gay patrons simply because they were gay, took place in June 1969. Fifty years later, millions of people worldwide band together to commemorate the birth of the modern LGBT rights movement while celebrating their diversity. Now more than ever, brands are launching LGBT marketing campaigns each Pride Month to build trust and affinity among LGBT audiences and allies.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of major brands show their pride each June. Converse designed rainbow-colored sneakers, Starbucks created Pride tumblers and all 31 National Hockey League teams are celebrating with the You Can Play Project. We’ve come a long way since 1969, right?

Showing your support during Pride Month can provide your business and brand with countless marketing opportunities. Before developing LGBT marketing campaigns for your brand, however, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do I Understand the LGBT Audience?

Effective marketing begins with understanding your audience inside and out. The LGBT community is diverse. Nonetheless, it pursues common goals, including empowering each other to be themselves and love whomever they choose.

That being said, craft messaging that resonates with the LGBT community. Take a look at trending stories on LGBT publications, such as and Queerty, to see what people are talking about for campaign ideas.

Tip: Never use derogatory language. Read GLAAD’s handy list of terms to avoid and become familiar with what’s acceptable and what’s not.   

Bonus: Watch our interview with NBC 6 for social media marketing tips and campaign ideas!

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2. What’s My Brand Voice?

Be genuine in every message you share. Rather than forcing language, stick to your original brand voice.

Incorporate LGBT-related emojis, such as the LGBT Pride flag and rainbow emojis, into your social media posts to add a touch of flair to your captions. Don’t forget to include LGBT and Pride-related hashtags, such as #LGBTQIAPride and #LoveIsLove, into your posts as well. These strategies can increase the likelihood that LGBT+ audiences will see your posts and engage with them.

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Example: We researched LGBT and Pride-related hashtags before incorporating them into Miami Beach Pride’s social media posts. We advise that you do the same to increase the visibility of your posts.

Tip: Don’t force your vocabulary. If you never use LGBT phrases (i.e., “You better werk!”) in your marketing communications, don’t force them.

3. Can I Give Back to the LGBT Community During my LGBT Marketing Campaigns?

Actions always speak louder than words. In addition to showing your brand’s support on digital marketing platforms, consider donating proceeds from your service or product sales to pro-LGBT organizations. It makes your brand look (and feel) good.


Razor subscription service Harry’s, for example, is giving 100% of profits from its special Pride set to The Trevor Project. The company has also donated $200,000 to support The Trevor Project’s new on-demand training system, according to Newsweek.

Let your audiences know you’re giving back to encourage them to take action.

4. Am I Prepared to Address Negative Comments Throughout my LGBT Marketing Campaigns?

Unfortunately, some businesses and brands may face critiques from audiences who do not support equal rights. To mitigate negative conversations across your brand’s marketing channels, consider the following measures:

  • Write responses to negative comments in advance so you can reply to them in a timely, professional manner in real time
  • Monitor social media channels and blog posts for negative comments
  • When comments become abusive or hateful, don’t hesitate to report the user
  • Stand your ground!

Next Steps: Organizing LGBT Marketing Campaigns

Now that you’ve asked yourself these questions, you can begin preparing for your Pride Month or LGBT marketing campaign. Make sure to focus on researching your target audience beforehand and maintaining an authentic brand voice.

We work with businesses that support the LGBT community and LGBT nonprofit organizations, such as Miami Beach Pride. Reach out to us to learn how we can help your reach diverse audiences with dynamic marketing strategies.

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