Stephanie Battaglino

Social Media Marketing Case Study

Stephanie Battaglino, a transgender author and motivational speaker, inspires people to follow their hearts in the office and beyond. Continue reading our case study to learn how we transformed Stephanie’s digital marketing efforts with a robust diversity social media marketing strategy.

Establishing a Transgender Author & Speaker’s DEI Expertise

Stephanie Battaglino specializes in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) training for large corporations and organizations like ABC, Macy’s and PFLAG, and she is devoted to transforming workplaces into safe and welcoming environments for all people. She is also the author of Reflections From Both Sides of the Glass Ceiling: Finding My True Self in Corporate America

diversity social media marketing case study
diversity social media marketing case study

Increasing Book Sales, Speaking Engagements & Corporate Training Opportunities

Stephanie reached out to us after learning about our award-winning marketing work for TransNewYork, an LGBTQ+ nonprofit she works with on a daily basis. She wanted to achieve a number of goals on social media, including growing her follower base, increasing her brand visibility and establishing her thought leadership in the DEI and LGBTQ+ spaces. We launched a bold diversity social media marketing strategy to inspire target audiences to connect with Stephanie and learn more about her book, speaking opportunities and community involvement.

Fan Mail

"I couldn't be happier with The Postcard Agency! Jonathan and Monica have taken the time to understand my goals - and most importantly what I stand for and hope for in this world - and have elevated my brand immensely. And all of this at a cost that doesn't break the bank and in 5 short months! I highly recommend them!"

— Stephanie Battaglino

Client Objectives & Challenges

  • Grow follower base and engagement on social media
  • Position Stephanie as a speaker and thought leader in the DEI and LGBTQ+ arenas
  • Increase brand visibility and demand for Stephanie’s expertise and speaking capabilities
  • Build thought leadership through Stephanie’s new book
  • Drive book sales via social media

Our Successes & Solutions

  • Launching a biweekly video series, Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk, enabled Stephanie to share her expertise and experience with target audiences in a bold yet meaningful way, establishing her thought leadership in the DEI and LGBTQ+ corporate training spaces
  • Sharing passages and quotes from Stephanie’s book sparked strong book sales via Instagram, leading to her largest book sale ever during the holidays
  • Working with Stephanie to share DEI tips and recommendations for employers empowered her audiences to become advocates for transgender rights, drive positive change in their own workplaces and reach out to learn more about her training opportunities
  • An authentic, passionate and informative social media presence supported Stephanie’s astronomical growth on social media, resulting in tremendous follower growth and quality engagement on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Diversity Social Media Marketing Successes

Stephanie’s personal brand flourished on social media and experienced the following organic growth 6 months after launching our strategy:
increase in Instagram followers
Instagram engagement rate of 14.32% (industry average is 1.51%)
increase in Twitter followers
increase in Twitter clicks
increase in Facebook impressions
Facebook engagement rate (industry average is 0.15%)
increase in LinkedIn engagements
increase in LinkedIn clicks

Diversity Social Media Marketing Services Provided:

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