The Good Government Show

Podcast Social Media & Email Marketing Case Study

More than 5 million podcasts exist, making it difficult for new podcasts to make a name for themselves in such a saturated market. The Good Government Show shares uplifting stories about local government in its weekly episodes, but it struggled to get the attention it deserved in the noisy, crowded podcast space. The show reached out to us to help them grow their subscriber base and social media following with a dynamic marketing strategy — and we delivered tenfold. 

Growing a Podcast's Subscriber Base & Social Media Following

During our strategy session, we listened to hours of episodes to discover what made the podcast special. David Martin, host of The Good Government Show, asked interviewees pressing questions about their work as elected officials and how they use their positions to change constituents’ lives in meaningful ways. His brilliant interview style yielded fascinating answers — listeners learned how abandoned coal mines were transformed into lucrative lavender fields in West Virginia, for example, and how tiny homes were helping veterans transition out of homelessness. 

Podcasts are wonderful channels for storytelling, but capturing people’s attention on social media requires more than a simple photo paired with podcast audio. That’s why we created original social media videos that brought pieces of each episode to life with engaging graphics and animations. Inviting users to experience these fascinating stories in a visual manner was an instant success, resulting in hundreds of new followers on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube in just a few months. 

We also developed a custom email template for the podcast, which has yielded high open and click rates among subscribers to keep them coming back for more content.

Success by the Numbers

We achieved the following wins for our client in just 3 months:
increase in social media followers
new TikTok followers
new Instagram followers
hours watched on YouTube

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