2019 Will Be The Year of Video Marketing, CEO Jonathan Ochart Predicts

Jonathan Ochart, CEO of The Postcard Agency, was featured in MoEngage’s “Book of Marketing Trends 2019.” In his interview, Ochart discussed video marketing, its growing popularity across marketing channels and ability to help brands build trust among target audiences. The eBook shares insights and predictions from 101 top marketing leaders from companies like Adobe, Fujitsu and SurveyMonkey.

moengage video marketing prediction

“2019 will be the year of video, which continues gaining traction across marketing channels,” Ochart said. “Marketers have many more options when it comes to sharing their stories through video, and they are embracing these opportunities with open arms. This presents more opportunities to create dynamic content that defines a brand’s thought leadership while engaging target audiences on a more emotional level.”

Ochart also highlighted the role video marketing can play in helping brands build trust, affinity and loyalty in a time when customer trust remains low.  

“Tactics like engaging with audiences one-on-one across social media channels, collaborating with influencers who do positive things for their communities and more will help make brands more relatable, and thus more trustworthy,” Ochart said. “You can’t build trust overnight, however, so brands will have to stick with these video marketing practices to see results.”

MoEngage’s eBook showcases insights and predictions around other marketing trends, including AI and machine learning, marketing automation, mobile marketing, content marketing, marketing analytics, cross-channel marketing, social media marketing and SEO.

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