The National Bleeding Disorders Foundation

Bilingual Social Media Marketing Campaign (Spanish & English)

The National Bleeding Disorders Foundation (NBDF) is on a mission to educate Spanish-speaking women about bleeding disorders, their symptoms and how to get the quality treatment they need and deserve. By organizing and launching a bilingual English and Spanish social media campaign highlighting valuable educational resources, we supported the organization’s mission to help underserved communities better understand their symptoms and find ways to manage their health.

Connecting Spanish-Speaking Women with Life-Saving Resources

Many women, including Spanish-speaking women, don’t know they have a bleeding disorder due to lack of awareness, misdiagnoses and limited healthcare access. That’s why NBDF developed a bilingual Bleeding Disorder Risk Assessment Tool. The easy-to-use assessment helps women find out if they’re at risk of having a bleeding disorder and how to get the care they need to improve their quality of life.

During the research and planning phases, we learned that bleeding disorders affect women from all walks of life in different ways. To reach as many Spanish-speaking women as possible, we developed a bilingual campaign featuring eye-catching statistics, as well as Spanish-speaking women of all ages and racial identities engaging in everyday activities. Showcasing common scenarios Spanish-speaking women can relate to invited them to engage with social media content and take a risk assessment without feeling overwhelmed, embarrassed or ashamed.

The result? An immediate jump in assessment completions, website visits and social media engagement, achieving the organization’s goal to empower women who are experiencing symptoms of bleeding disorders.

Success by the Numbers

We achieved the following wins for our client with our English and Spanish social media marketing campaign:
increase in risk assessment completions
increase in risk assessment visitors
average CPC (compared to $0.83 average CPC for FB & IG ads across all industries)
increase in website users

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