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We tap our 10+ years of PR expertise and relationships with the media so you can keep audiences informed, enhance brand perception, boost credibility, stay top of mind and maintain relevance with meaningful pieces of media coverage.

Boost Brand Awareness & Perception with Impactful Public Relations and Media Relations Strategies

Fact: compared to paid media, earned media is a more cost-effective approach to keeping audiences engaged and informed. That’s why our PR team develops bulletproof public relations and media relations strategies to present brands like yours in the best light possible—especially during and after health crises and economic downturns. 

Some people say, “all press is good press.” We beg to differ. Thoughtful public relations efforts, media relations strategies and on-brand media coverage advance your business or organization’s most pressing objectives. Random, piecemeal and negative stories could take away from your big picture. Read on to discover our team’s award-winning approach.

PR Success Stories

Learn how we secure impactful media coverage for clients to help them assert their thought leadership, grow their audiences and build their brands.

We Help Our Clients Share Their Stories

We've secured coverage for our clients in the following media outlets, among many others:

We strengthen relationships between brands and their audiences while demonstrating their thought leadership. Take a look at our tried-and-true approach to PR and media relations.

Public Relations Strategies

A strong PR strategy helps us secure effective media coverage for your brand. We explore your target audiences, business objectives, brand voice and other key elements to craft custom public relations strategies. We also determine brand positioning, build media lists, identify company spokespeople and conduct media training during this phase.

Press Releases & Distribution

Well-written press releases can help your business or organization stand out in a crowd. We know what reporters value, and we use this knowledge to help your media pitch shine in their inboxes. More importantly, we take the time to personalize pitches based on the reporter’s beat and expertise—an old-school tactic that reaps major rewards.

Media Relations

Maintaining strong, genuine relationships with reporters is key to your long-term success. We collaborate closely with local, national and international reporters and engage with them across platforms to keep you on the top of their minds. We’re also masters of the art of following up. A simple “thank you” goes a long way in the public relations and journalism worlds. As a result, we make sure to reflect you and your brand in the best light possible during every step of the process.

Crisis Communications

Sometimes, things don’t always go according to plan. Perhaps a health crisis caused you to close shop, or someone made an unsettling discovery about your operations. While developing public relations strategies for your brand, we explore potential crises that may affect your business and industry. Then, we design messaging to mitigate negative press ahead of time, saving you time, headaches and money.

Reporting & Analysis

How many people did your last magazine feature or newspaper column reach? What about your TV interview? We use state-of-the-art PR software to measure the impact of your PR efforts. Assembling accurate impressions reports couldn’t be easier, giving you the numbers you need to demonstrate the value of your investment in public relations.

PR & Media Relations Case Study: Celebrating Diversity & Driving Tourism

  • The Postcard Agency secured hundreds of millions of media impressions for Miami Beach Pride by leveraging its strong relationships with the media, along with aggressive yet personalized outreach methods 
  • Newspaper articles, magazine spreads, live television segments, a national flyaway radio contest and blog posts by influencers highlighted Miami Beach Pride’s community initiaitves while driving tourism to the City of Miami Beach  
  • We also emphasized Miami Beach Pride’s diversity initiatives, establishing the organization’s dedication to serving all members of the LGBTQ+ community worldwide

A Los Angeles PR & Media Relations Team With Global Presence

The Postcard Agency is a 100% remote marketing and public relations agency, meaning our team members work from their homes or coworking spaces across the U.S. Our founder and CEO, Jonathan Ochart, leads the team from his office in Los Angeles (Beverly Hills).

Our Los Angeles PR team’s national presence gives us an edge in securing local, regional, national and international media coverage for our clients. Do you want to connect with prospects in a new market? Maybe you want to announce a major shift in leadership or services you provide. Perhaps you’re doing great things for your community and want others to join your mission.

Regardless of your goals, our award-winning Los Angeles PR team can share your story with utmost precision. We maintain strong relationships with reporters and media outlets in local, national and international markets to secure impactful news coverage for you and your brand.

Nurture Your Audience With Public Relations Strategies Tailored To Your Brand

We’re ready to help your business or organization reach new heights with a custom public relations strategy. Reach out to us to learn how we can enhance your media relations efforts and secure impactful media coverage for your brand, including:

  • Newspaper & Magazine Features
  • Television Interviews
  • Radio Interviews
  • “Best Of” Lists
  • Product Reviews
  • Employee Awards
  • Live Event Coverage

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