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Your business has a story to tell and audiences to inform and inspire. Our award-winning social media and influencer marketing management services help you share that story with audiences anywhere in the world.

Cultivate Authentic Relationships With Our Social Media & Influencer Marketing Services

As passionate content creators with a superior eye for copywriting and design, we support brands in reaching their full potential on key social media channels, including Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest. Whether we’re developing original content for your brand or managing influencer marketing campaigns, we’re committed to generating more likes, comments, followers and engagement from customers and prospects who matter to you.

Social Media & Influencer Marketing Success Stories

Our Los Angeles social media marketing agency's social media, influencer marketing, video editing and graphic design experts deliver results-driven strategies tailored to your needs. We have proven experience in the hospitality, real estate, technology, financial and media industries, among many others, to get your message across as genuinely as possible.

Social Media Content Creation & Management

We put our business and creative minds to work when developing social media content for your brand. A thorough understanding of your business and goals helps us create social media content that resonates with your target audiences on their favorite channels, all while supporting your marketing and business objectives.

Campaign Strategy & Management

Whether you’re planning a retail influencer marketing campaign or leading an awareness initiative, we develop every post with strategy in mind. Detailed campaign plans let you know exactly what to expect before launch time. Comprehensive social media campaign reports demonstrate impact, return on investment and opportunities for growth.

Engagement with Target Audiences & Influencers

Applying tried-and-true social media management services and strategies helps us engage your target audience and influencers. Our knack for video animations, trending audio, clever copy, hashtags, post locations and performance analysis gives us the information we need to capture the attention of your target audience. We also manage campaigns with social media influencers that can expand your brand’s reach to their audiences.

Graphic Design

Our social media marketing agency also designs custom graphics for each of your social media channels. Maintaining a cohesive appearance across your social media channels highlights your brand’s attention to detail—a critical value proposition for customers and clients across industries.

Crisis Management

Every business is susceptible to a crisis. We mitigate crises by developing crisis management strategies ahead of time, including pre-approved responses to disgruntled customers, company representatives to message and more. Along with our PR backgrounds, staying abreast of the latest news involving your business and industry works wonders every time.

Social Media Performance Analysis

Analyzing your social media and influencer campaign performance is just as important as creating posts. Our social media marketing agency tracks social media campaigns with Google Analytics UTM parameters so we know how effective each post is in attracting quality website visitors. We also require influencers to share their metrics with us. This is our secret to fostering the social media growth you expect to see.

Please note that we don’t use bots to increase metrics. We believe in a balance of organic and paid social media promotion strategies, when applicable, to boost quality metrics. As we like to say, “One comment or message is worth a thousand likes.”

Social media success begins with engaging copy, stunning graphics, gorgeous videos and consistent communication.


We create engaging videos TikTok users love and watch time and time again, from educational lessons to stories that pull the heartstrings. The channel is popular with younger audiences and requires nimble strategies our social media marketing agency delivers. We develop video content that piques your audience’s interest to strengthen the connection they feel with your brand.


Our Instagram copy is snappy and creative. Gorgeous visuals tout your brand and services while conveying your story. Engaging with user-generated content and keeping up with trending hashtags pushes your Instagram posts to the top of target audiences’ feeds in style.


When Facebook changes its algorithms, we update our approach. Our deep understanding of Facebook’s unique platform allows us to publish posts with more visibility. In addition to generating more likes, comments and followers, we tap Facebook’s features to pinpoint, target and engage prospects.


We draw upon our extensive B2B social media experience when developing LinkedIn posts. A blend of professional and service-related posts secure the interests of clients and prospects. Highlighting your company culture on LinkedIn reveals your commitment to people, the community and customer service.


Pinterest is more than a place for pretty pictures and boards. We take advantage of the social media channel’s unique platform to link visually stimulating graphics to your website. Believe it or not, Pinterest often brings some of the highest quality traffic to our clients’ websites, depending on their industry.


YouTube is an essential social media channel for brands with video content marketing strategies. Maintaining an active YouTube channel with informative and engaging videos increases brand awareness and cements your thought leadership. It also boosts your website’s SEO score.

Our Social Media & Influencer Management Services Yield Results

increase in social media followers
increase in Instagram engagements after 3 months
hours watched on YouTube
increase in LinkedIn clicks year-over-year
video views/plays (influencer marketing campaign)
social media likes (influencer marketing campaign)
shares/saves (influencer marketing campaign)
comments (influencer marketing campaign)

Collaborate With Our Los Angeles Social Media Marketing Team

Our Los Angeles social media marketing team works with clients across the United States. We’ve managed social media strategies for PBS, Miami Beach Pride, the National Bleeding Disorders Foundation and other brands nationwide. We’re ready to help you connect with and inspire your audiences anywhere at any time on their favorite platforms. Reach out to learn how our Los Angeles social media marketing consultants can help your company engage audiences with intent.

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Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn what our social media and influencer marketing services can do for your brand. In the meantime, check out case studies and samples of our work so you can see how we help brands achieve marketing goals with social media.

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