Nottingham Financial Services

SEO & Branding Case Study

Nottingham provides fund accounting, administration and management services to clients across the U.S. The firm’s marketing team wasn’t seeing much success from their Google Ads due to the nature of their business — the finance industry has a much longer sales cycle, rendering Google Ads ineffective when compared to SEO. That’s where our team came in. We’ve provided SEO for financial services clients nationwide, enabling us to increase the brand’s search rankings by 75% after just 3 months of work.

We Lead Successful Branding & SEO Projects for Financial Services Companies

SEO programs make sense for businesses in the financial services sector. Why? It all boils down to trust. People are more likely to interact with brands they find via organic search because they trust them more than paid ads. Trust leads to more website engagements, longer session lengths and higher conversion rates — critical goals we achieved for the financial services client in record time.

Learn how we helped our client rank on the first page of Google with our SEO for financial services expertise

Client Objectives

  • Strengthen search rankings for service-related keywords
  • Increase organic search traffic to main service pages
  • Boost online visibility for the North Carolina-based firm nationwide

SEO Project Successes

  • Our team developed a comprehensive SEO strategy for the client, which included a website audit, competitor research and keyword recommendations for 12 webpages 
  • The client’s website reached the first page of Google search results for several high volume keywords after just one month of implementing our SEO strategy
  • Nottingham surpassed competitors’ search rankings for short and long-tail keywords
  • An increase in organic search traffic correlated to increases in quality leads
  • We incorporated keywords in a natural, seamless manner to complement existing page copy. Our team also repaired broken links and strengthened the site’s metadata to boost SEO efforts.
  • The performance index for the client’s website increased 75% after 3 months of implementing our SEO for financial services strategy. Performance Index (PI) is an aggregate metric that represents a website’s ranking performance in Google Search results based on actual page positions and search volumes (used as weights) of the keywords being tracked. 
  • We also trained our main contact on SEO best practices so she could optimize additional pages on the website

SEO Wins By The Numbers

Our client experienced the following growth as a result of our SEO services after 3 months:
increase in website clicks via organic search traffic
increase in organic search impressions
increase in organic search traffic to website
increase in conversions via search traffic
increase in search ranking visibility

Branding Project: Brochure Design

In addition to providing SEO services, we designed Nottingham’s official brochure for executives and sales professionals to share with clients and prospects. The brochure communicates the firm’s key services in a fresh, modern manner, conveying Nottingham’s wide range of offerings and dedication to quality customer service.

Services Provided

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Branding & Graphic Design
  • Copywriting

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