3 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Threads

Launched on July 5, 2023, Threads is a new social media site where users can connect through sharing text. Threads was created by Meta Platforms, who also owns Instagram and Facebook. According to Meta’s website, the vision of Threads “is to take what Instagram does best and expand that to text, creating a positive and creative space to express your ideas.” 

Threads is X, formerly Twitter, biggest rival, which is newly owned by Elon Musk. Ever since Musk has taken over, he’s made a number of changes that users aren’t happy about, like the implementation of “Twitter Blue,” which makes users pay to receive the blue checkmark verification. He has also limited the number of Tweets users can read each day. With the changes to Twitter under Musk, many have found that the app has become too limited. 

With Threads on the rise, it’s important for business owners to become familiar with the site before they decide whether or not to use it for their business.

1. It’s especially easy to set up an account

A business can easily set up a Threads account if they already have Instagram. Users input their Instagram username and password into the Threads app, and their information will carry over to Threads. They can follow the same people as they do on Instagram, and find other accounts they are interested in. 

Because it’s so easy to create an account on Threads if you already have an Instagram account, you don’t have to go through the hassle of creating a new username and password, nor do you have to manually search for accounts to follow since your followers from Instagram will transfer over to Threads.

2. Threads doesn’t allow hashtags — at least for now

So far, hashtags are not a part of threads. Hashtags are integral to many businesses’ social media accounts; after all, they can help broaden your audience by helping users find posts about things they’re interested in, which can then lead them back to your post if your business’ post includes that same hashtag. 

The absence of hashtags, however, especially for smaller businesses that are trying to grow, may not make Threads the most productive social media channel for them. Meta has said that hashtags are on the way, but it’s unknown when the platform will adopt them. While Threads may not be the best social media site right now, the platform will likely improve over time as it implements new features. 

3. Threads is already more popular than other Twitter competitors

Threads is not the first platform to try and rival X; however, it is the first to have millions of new users within hours of its launch. Because Threads is owned by Meta, which already has billions of users between Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp, it already had a head start with credibility. 

Coupled with how easy Meta made it to set up a Threads account, the platform has already become more popular than earlier X competitors like Hive Social and Blue Sky. While Threads is missing some features that would help improve the user experience, it does look like it may be another promising social media site in the future. 

Threads has only been active for a few weeks and has several improvements on the way. While businesses will likely want to continue devoting their time to other social media sites, it may be worth setting up a Threads account for your business now and seeing how it changes over time. If it heightens in popularity to other successful social media sites, it could be incredibly useful to grow your business and connect with others.

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