5 Women’s History Month Marketing Campaign Ideas 

March is Women’s History Month. At The Postcard Agency, we celebrate women and all of their achievements. We love working with women-owned businesses and producing amazing results together. 

It’s important to uplift women within your own organizations and communities, and Women’s History Month is the perfect time to ramp up your efforts. Need help getting started? We put together a list of marketing campaign ideas for businesses and nonprofits like yours to support women in March and all year round.

Including women in your marketing efforts shows initiative while championing diversity, equality and  inclusion. We believe diversity matters across all communities and should be celebrated throughout the entire year. Keep reading to see how you can create incredible women’s history month marketing campaigns year after year. 

Support Women with these Marketing Campaign Ideas 

1. Highlight women within your own organization via social media

Your employees matter. You should always be uplifting members of your own company, even if they are not your primary target audience. Sharing these women’s stories will help uplift other women and strengthen your company culture.. Whether they are sharing a quote from their favorite role model or a photo of something they love to do, it’s important to recognize the women who work with you. Be a leader in your industry by amplifying women in your organization. Check out this case study for inspiration.

2. Amplify women-owned businesses online

Curate a list of your favorite women-owned businesses in your community and create a social media campaign that features them. Make sure to tag the businesses and business owners on social media! Don’t be afraid to ask about potential partnerships and collaborations for future campaigns. The connections you make online can last more than one marketing campaign window. Check in and see how you can support them this month and during their busy seasons.

3. Feature women leaders in your industry

Women are leaders and should be recognized as leaders. There are plenty of amazing women doing great things for their industries and communities. Do your research, listen and learn from these women. Share their work on your platforms (and don’t forget to give them credit!). By uplifting these leaders, you’ll provide your audiences with a new perspective. You’ll also give all women an opportunity to see themselves as leaders in your field of work. 

4. Amplify women’s voices by inviting them to be guests on your podcast

Invite a women-owned business leader or entrepreneur to your podcast. Provide audiences with a new perspective and insights from a woman who is changing their industry. Give them an opportunity to share their story with new audiences, and support their work after the episode airs. 

5. Pay tribute to women throughout history within and outside of your industry

Put together a list of trailblazing women your business or organization honors and respects. Feature new trailblazers every year, making sure the featured icons are diverse, representing a wide variety of communities. Mix up the industries, too — celebrate artists, chefs, politicians, activists, scientists, etc. Make sure you’re honing in on a wide range of industries that women are making a difference in every day.

Support Women By Getting Involved 

While it’s important to amplify women through your marketing campaigns, it’s also important to get involved in grassroots initiatives. Learn, listen and support the women in your community. Here are a few nonprofits to help kickstart those efforts. 

  • National Organization for Women (NOW): This organization is the largest feminist grassroots activist organization for women in the United States. Supporting many issues within women’s rights and the women’s movement, it was founded in 1966 with a mission to promote feminist ideals, eleminate discrimination, lead societal change and protect women’s rights for a better life. NOW has thousands of chapters in all 50 states. 
  • League of Women Voters (LWM): The League of Women Voters provides nonpartisan information to voters everywhere. They provide materials with candidate information and break down propositions that may be on your next ballot. Overall, they are always working to help communicate vital information for members of the public prior to and after elections. 
  • Planned Parenthood: Planned Parenthood has been providing public health services since 1916. It is their mission to ensure that everyone has access to the care and resources they need to make informed decisions about their bodies and their futures. They are a trusted healthcare provider and are passionate about advocating health and human rights. Beyond healthcare, they provide vital sexual and reproductive health information to millions of people.
  • Women Employed (WE): Women Employed pursues equity and equal opportunity in the workforce. They advocate for policy change and provide access to educational opportunities. WE’s mission is to improve the economic status of women and help to remove all barriers to economic equity. They are a voice for women in the workplace so that everyone in our society can thrive. 

To learn more about Women’s History Month, visit womenshistorymonth.gov

Launch a Women’s History Month Marketing Campaign of Your Own 

Women make up half of our population. For this reason as so many more, it’s important to promote equality in the workplace and in your marketing campaigns. It’s the right thing to do and makes an incredible impact on our society. We hope our Women’s History Month marketing campaign ideas help you advocate equality for women this month and throughout the year. 

Need help getting started on your campaign? We’re happy to help. Visit our package page to learn how we can help you launch impactful marketing campaigns that touch people’s hearts and minds. 

And remember: You can drive positive change beyond March. We should uplift women 365 days a year.

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