3 Mental Health Awareness Marketing Campaign Ideas

Mental Health Awareness Marketing Campaign

Creative Marketing Campaign Ideas for Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is not just a trend. Advocating for mental health within your own organization is just as important as helping your target audiences prioritize their mental health. How are you advocating for mental health awareness to your stakeholders and audiences? We put together a list of marketing ideas for businesses and nonprofits like yours to implement meaningful mental health awareness campaigns and advocacy year round.

Mental Health Awareness Marketing Campaign

At The Postcard Agency, we are advocates for mental health. We help our clients in the Health & Wellness space connect with audiences to promote their community and mental health initiatives. Check out our case studies to learn more, including our marketing and PR case study for LGBTQ Therapy Space

Keep reading to create impactful mental health awareness marketing campaigns year after year. While May is Mental Health Awareness Month, there are so many more days throughout the year that can help your brand become an advocate for mental health. Be sure to check out our Ultimate Mental Health Hashtag Calendar for more marketing campaign ideas.

Promote Mental Health Initiatives With These Marketing Campaign Ideas 

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  • Promote mental health within your own organization
      1. If you’re not advocating for your own employees, how can you advocate for mental health for your target audiences? By sharing your initiatives online, your efforts will add a layer of transparency. Following through and applying your own messaging in-house will create trust. Whether you’re encouraging mental health days or adding fitness programs to your benefits, it’s important to walk the walk and talk the talk. Create a wellness program for your employees. Be a leader in your industry by advocating for the importance of mental health in your own organization.
  • Create a day without social campaign 
      1. As social media experts, we are not afraid of taking a break online. Your brand shouldn’t be either. Advocating for mental health means encouraging your audience to prioritize their mental health — especially on social media. Set a day and create a campaign leading up to the day without social media. Invite mental health leaders to talk about the effects social media has on our mental health prior to the day offline. After the day is over, create a post-campaign that encourages your audience to share what they did on their day without social media. Create a unique hashtag and invite your audience to participate. Continue to encourage social media breaks and educate on the effects it has on their mental health.
  • Spread awareness for mental health holidays throughout the year
    1. Identify mental health holidays that resonate with your organization’s mission. Create a campaign or invite an expert to talk about that day on your podcast. Find someone who has a mental health issue and invite them to be a guest on your blog. The best way to connect around mental health is to not be afraid to talk about it. Sharing personal experiences around taboo mental health topics will help spread awareness and lead you to potentially become a thought leader in the space. We put a list of holidays together for you to start your content planning. Check out our Ultimate Mental Health Hashtag Calendar for inspiration. 

Support Mental Health Awareness By Getting Involved 

While it’s important to advocate for mental health in your marketing campaigns, it’s also important to educate yourself around mental health illnesses and get involved in grassroots initiatives. Here are a few nonprofits and organizations to help you get started. 

  • Active Minds: In 2003, Alison Malmon created Active Minds after her older brother died by suicide in 2000. The organization is on a mission to change the conversation around mental health. They are dedicated to promoting mental health awareness for young adults with peer-to-peer interaction. They have recently added a new scholarship to their programs, helping emerging professionals pursue their master’s in a mental health-related field. Find out more.
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI): This organization was founded by family members of people who have been diagnosed with mental illness in 1979. Their purpose is to advocate, educate and lead those with mental illnesses. It is the largest grassroots mental health organization in the nation, dedicating their time to creating better lives for those who are affected by mental illness. Learn more about their Mental Health Awareness Month initiative by visiting their campaign page online
  • Mental Health America: This community-based nonprofit promotes overall mental health for all and is dedicated to addressing the needs of those living with a mental illness. Their mission is to promote mental health as an important part of our overall wellness with care, services and support. Their career center on their website helps connect mental health employers who are seeking talent. Check out their program, they also offer internship opportunities as well. 

Launch a Mental Health Awareness Marketing Campaign of Your Own

Mental health has shifted from stigma to a wellness must. It’s important to promote mental health in the workplace and in your marketing campaigns. By promoting mental health awareness, you’re helping millions of people prioritize their well-being. We hope our Mental Health Awareness Marketing Campaign ideas help you advocate for mental health throughout the year. 

Need help getting started on your campaign? We’re happy to help. Visit our package page to learn how we can help you launch impactful marketing campaigns that promote mental health while supporting healthy lives and minds. 

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