Women’s History Month Ideas for Your Next Marketing Campaign

By Mia Matos, Postcard Intern

During Women’s History Month and beyond, it’s important for companies and organizations to celebrate and show their appreciation for women on their teams in meaningful ways.

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Want to celebrate, honor and empower women on your team in meaningful ways? Get started with these Women's History Month ideas.

Featuring members of your team during Women’s History Month is one way to show your support. It also raises awareness around gender inequality in the workforce that continues to this day. If you need help finding ways to feature women in your company during March, check out these Women’s History Month ideas.

Marketing Campaign Ideas to Support Women at Your Business

1. Ask employees if they are interested in being featured in a marketing campaign for your company

If your employees are willing, feature them in a marketing campaign for your company. Throughout the month, you can feature different women in your company and highlight their stories and achievements on your social media platforms. 

This is a great way to introduce your social media followers to the women who help your company succeed. Not only does this show your followers how much you support your female employees, but it can also be very meaningful to the employees themselves to see that they are appreciated by their employer. 

It’s important to ask for your team members’ permission before featuring them, however. You may consider sending a questionnaire to your team, inviting them to participate if they’re interested.

2. Run a video campaign that shows employees explaining why Women’s History Month is important to them

You can also feature your team during Women’s History Month by creating a video campaign. You can ask different employees why Women’s History Month is important to them and post the videos on your company’s social media accounts throughout the month. If you choose, you can include more than just women employees and gather stories from people of all gender identities for the videos.

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3. Donate a portion of your company’s profits to organizations that benefit women

One of the easiest ways to support women is to donate to a few organizations or charities that benefit women’s causes. By researching and donating a percentage of your company’s profits to those organizations, you are showing support to both women in your company and women around the world. 

You can highlight the organizations you choose on your company’s social media platforms and spread the word about these organizations through a dynamic email marketing campaign. You can even reach out to some of the women in your company and see if they volunteer with any organizations, and feature that employee when highlighting the organization.

Need More Women’s History Month Ideas? 

By implementing these ideas during Women’s History Month, your company can get one step closer to promoting equality and inclusion, all while showing your business’ support for the women on your team. 

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At Postcard, we strive to uphold the values of diversity and inclusion. We’re proud to work with several women-owned businesses, and we’re committed to celebrating women and their successes during the month of March and beyond. Together, we can make a difference!