2023 Holiday Messaging Marketing Guide for Your Brand

2021 Holiday Messaging Marketing Guide for Your Brand

How is your brand strategizing for the holiday season? While brands are constantly feeding offers and promotions to customers during the holidays, we recommend offering valuable and meaningful solutions to your constituents. While consumers might feel overwhelmed this holiday season, these simple holiday messaging strategies can help you make them feel at ease during this busy time. Here are three ways to help your brand strategize your holiday messaging.

Holiday Messaging Insights For Your Email Marketing Strategy

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This is the time of year when consumers are flooded with emails. How are you positioning yourself to stand out from the clutter? With a mindful email marketing strategy, your brand will be able to connect with your target audiences on a deeper level. While promotions and hard-sell product messaging are important, make sure you’re offering consumers something authentic as well. For example, share how your brand is giving back to your employees and your community.

Making sure your subject lines are relevant and timely, in addition to offering a solution to consumers’ needs during the hustle and bustle of the holidays, will make your brand stand out and increase your open rate. Holiday messaging for your email marketing strategy can be as easy as asking, ‘What’s missing from your holiday wish list?’ Connect with your customers by adding value to your holiday messaging this year.

Create Landing Pages On Your Site

How are you updating your website’s look and feel this holiday season? Are there any products or services you can highlight that will make this busy season a little lighter for your target audience? We recommend creating a landing page to drive high-quality leads to connect with you during your holiday campaigns. 

By focusing on one product or service to drive to this holiday season, you might be making your customers’ lives a little easier. Make sure your copy is optimized and up to date. Include any relevant holiday messaging in new content or blog posts that could drive more traffic to your site. Curate the best strategy that will resonate with your customers and reach your sales goals with a targeted approach.

Curate An Inclusive Holiday Social Media Strategy

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When talking about the holiday season online, it’s important to be inclusive. Unless you are planning on highlighting all holidays celebrated during these winter months, we recommend sticking to an inclusive holiday messaging strategy and using terms like ‘happy holidays’ to include everyone throughout the holiday season. 

While curating your holiday content on social media, make sure you leave room for some softer sell holiday messaging and wish your customers a happy holiday season. While promotions and discounts are important, sprinkling in a few happy holiday messages will not hurt your brand. In fact, it will build a sense of community on your platforms and can spark some festive cheer.

We’ll Help You Share Your Holiday Messaging with Conviction

Need help sharing your message with target audiences? We can help. Our SEO and content marketing experts will help you and your company boost brand awareness and perception with impactful holiday messaging strategies. Our marketing team develops strategic content strategies to present brands like yours in the best light possible. For all your marketing needs, check out our pricing packages page to see which plan works best for your goals.

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