6 Business Copywriting Tips for Your COVID-19 Landing Page

Ready to drive more business and build trust with your audiences? Read our go-to business copywriting tips to build a COVID-19 landing page that converts prospects into customers.   

Nowadays, customers expect businesses to communicate and observe their COVID-19 measures during every step of the buying process. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, either. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, retailer, real estate agent or anything and everything in between, you must communicate your initiatives and operational updates (and any changes to your initiatives and operations) with your customers. 

Building and maintaining a COVID-19 landing page on your website greatly enhances the customer experience. In addition to showing your customers that you really care about their health and safety, a simple landing page also demonstrates your proactivity and dedication to clear and effective communication.

A landing page can also save time for you and your employees. By serving as a vital, go-to resource your customers can reference whenever they have COVID-19-related questions, you don’t have to spend hours answering calls and emails about changes to your products, services and other operational updates.

Below, you’ll find expert business copywriting tips to develop the perfect COVID-19 landing page your customers (and employees) will thank you for time and time again.

1. Communicate your commitment to protecting your clients/customers

Start off by recognizing the challenges your customers might be facing and how you can help them solve those challenges. Applying this technique adds a personal feel and empathy to your brand so you can connect with customers and prospects on a deeper level. Avoid using jargon that makes you sound and feel corporate. Go for a friendly and approachable tone to encourage readers to connect with you. 

2. List the steps you’re taking to enhance the customer experience

How are you protecting customers when they engage with your business? Are you implementing any new measures to streamline their experience with your brand? Take time to list out all the steps you have set in place to make customers feel safe (and special). For example, you would want to communicate:

  • Updated hours of operation and contact methods (i.e., phone numbers, email addresses)
  • Product changes (i.e., condensed menus, limited/expanded product availability)
  • Service changes (i.e., curbside pickup instructions, delivery services, outdoor seating arrangements, social distancing methods)
  • Safety measures (i.e., disinfecting surfaces, providing hand sanitizer stations, requiring masks upon entry, etc.)

Need help visualizing what this might look like? Take a look at these examples for various industries:

  • Restaurants/Bars: Curbside pickup, enhanced delivery systems, outdoor seating arrangements, 6 feet part within restaurants
  • Real Estate: Virtual tours or in-person tours by appointment only
  • Medical/Health & Wellness:  Telemedicine and video consultations

Business copywriting tip: Within this section of your landing page, you can also communicate how your business is protecting your employees and their health.

3. Share resources to support your customers

Providing tips to overcome challenges related to COVID-19 can also help you strengthen relationships with your customers. Many people are facing new health concerns and financial struggles, contributing to higher levels of anxiety. Give your customers and prospects the reassurance they need with valuable tips and resources only industry experts like you can deliver. 

For example, you may consider developing an insightful checklist that customers can reference when they are searching for the products or services you provide. You can also repurpose your blog posts, design infographics in Canva, develop FAQs or make a quick video to share your expertise.

Pro Tip: Check out our go-to free digital marketing tools to design your own graphics in seconds.

If you’re a business-to-business company like us, check out our COVID-19 landing page to learn how to present your content in an engaging and user-friendly manner.

4. Closeout with a positive message and your commitment to uplifting your community

Conclude your COVID-19 landing page with optimism. Include a few sentences that summarize your efforts and how they can provide your customers with the support and relief they need.

If you’re taking any steps to help your community (such as donating to shelters or participating in food drives), make sure to mention this as well. It adds a feel-good element to your page and shows that you don’t just talk the talk—you walk the walk, too!

Strategy in Action: We donated 10% of our June 2020 profits to the National Black Justice Coalition. Read our announcement to see an example of this tip in action and apply it to your blog or landing page.

5. Don’t forget to include a strong call to action

Web pages that convert feature a relevant, thoughtful and eye-catching call to action. A call to action can help you generate leads for your business, build your contact list and even boost sales. 

Example calls to action include:

  1. Subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive updates
  2. Connect with a success manager 
  3. Book your appointment today
  4. Sign up for 50% off

Take a look at these copy and design considerations to learn how to craft the perfect call to action for your page.

6. Where should I place this landing page on my website?

Great question! Your landing page should be prominent and easily accessible. You can include a link to your COVID-19 landing page on your homepage, within a popup and/or on a sticky banner. This way, your customers can locate the page quickly and find the answers to their questions without investing too much of their time on your site.

Our business copywriting team will help you create a COVID-19 landing page that converts

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